The Seventeen-Books-of-the-Month Club

Last year my reading goal was 100 books; my goal this year is 200. I was talking to my brother, Z, about it, and he asked if there are any rules to that number. I said, No, meaning there will be comic books, audiobooks, plays, and YA books among the 200. But there are rules:

  1. Fifty books by female authors.
  2. Thirty-five books by authors of color.
  3. I also have a set list of 35-40 titles to read (including lots of Saint Augustine and Toni Morrison, among others).
  4. Those categories can overlap with one another.

Z also challenged me to blog about the progress and what I’m reading, so┬áhere’s my Goodreads profile for you’n’s.

In other reading news, I’m grieving Harper Lee’s passing today. Thanks for the video, Guardian. Thanks for your art, Harper Lee: