Called to Parenthood

There is absolutely no way I could be at this place in my life without your love and prayers. Everything I most needed to know about God I know from being your son.*

In twelve short weeks, Melinda will bear our first child, a son named Milo Francis Jordan. I’m the guy who’s wanted kids since I was under three years old, so this is further along in life than I would have planned it, and Mel and I are elated that we are in this together.

When I read the words above, I think about how true they are for me and my siblings in our relationship to our loving parents and our loving God; how true they are as well for those who were taught by their parents’ relationship to them about an unfaithful or absent or abusive God; and how true the words will be for Milo.

When I read those words, I respond to them in the same way I responded to reading my ordination vows for the first time. To be a parent is a high and heavy and joyous calling. I feel my eyes welling, hear my throat swallowing unconsciously, and I need to take a deep breath and hold it for a moment, because I know this is the ocean into which I want to jump.

It’ll be twenty years and more after Milo might be able to physically speak the words that he’ll realize their truth, but I wonder how I might be able to keep the words before me in the way that I choose to show and tell him my love, so that one day he’ll be able to say to Mel and me, Everything I most needed to know about God I know from being your son, and he will mean it as a great, great thing.

Actually, he doesn’t need to say it. I’d love it if his bones just knew it.



*The final words of the Acknowledgments section of Jonathan Martin’s Prototype, with which he dedicates the book to his parents