The Seventeen-Books-of-the-Month Club

Last year my reading goal was 100 books; my goal this year is 200. I was talking to my brother, Z, about it, and he asked if there are any rules to that number. I said, No, meaning there will be comic books, audiobooks, plays, and YA books among the 200. But there are rules:

  1. Fifty books by female authors.
  2. Thirty-five books by authors of color.
  3. I also have a set list of 35-40 titles to read (including lots of Saint Augustine and Toni Morrison, among others).
  4. Those categories can overlap with one another.

Z also challenged me to blog about the progress and what I’m reading, so here’s my Goodreads profile for you’n’s.

In other reading news, I’m grieving Harper Lee’s passing today. Thanks for the video, Guardian. Thanks for your art, Harper Lee:


My Foolish Plan

Over the years, I’ve tried to keep track of what I’ve read. And failed. A few months ago, I began using Goodreads and that has worked thus far. Built into the app is the ability to create a reading challenge, and for whatever reason (probably reading a few articles about how you have to create ambitious plans that fail in order to succeed) I decided to read 100 books in 2015.

So you know, I doubt I read 50 in any of the past several years. Feel free to see how it goes.