Arrested Development, back when Tambor was Kingsley not Bluth (or Pfefferman)

I knew the day was coming, and now it’s here: our two-year-old knows what’s going on around him. Things like sex and violence on the TV. Things like words and lyrics.

It’s particularly sad, because I just got back into regularly listening to vinyl, and I would love to pick up some hip hop, but most of it has a ton of language. My interest in vinyl is about communal musical enjoyment, often including Milo (then known as “special Daddy music”), and so I’m not particularly interested in investing in stuff I can’t listen to when he’s around. I was at a loss until I remembered…Arrested Development exists. And I picked up their Zingalamaduni on vinyl years ago.

Yes, very white dad with blonde-haired, pale white two-year-old listening to (and/or dancing to) early 90s Afrocentric rap. In our defense, if you feel we need one, Arrested Development is fantastic.

Any other parents out there who are concerned about what their kids hear, even in the background: what do you do?

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