Saga, Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Saga vol 1

Volume 1 of Saga contains the first six issues of the acclaimed series, beginning with the birth of a daughter to two soldiers on opposing sides of an endless war who have fallen in love. They are searching for some place where they might be able to live in peace, but the war stretches toward the edges of the galaxy, and every possible force in it is against the fledgling family: magical creatures, advanced technologies, royal Robots complete with static-y CRT monitors for heads, sentient cats, mercenaries (including one with eight legs and even more guns who is named The Stalk), and the ghosts of a planet’s murdered children.

At the center of all that weird is the series’ best feature: human emotions, needs, drives, and relationships. What I most wanted when I reached this volume’s end was more. I do, however, give it this moderate critique: I have a hard time thinking about plunking down cash for each brief volume as it is released (two out now, the third later this Spring). This is a qualm which would admittedly never occur to me if I were actually a comic book reader, rather than someone whose main experience with serial comics was The Sandman after it was a completed series.


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